Where will you safely:

-Learn how to Kitesurf ->Ria de Alvor, a lagoon with 2 km of shallow waters and surrounded by sandy dunes.

-Waveriding -> Praia da Bordeira, a desert that touches good side-on wind because is very opened to the ocean, and good waves.

-Freestyling ->Ria de Alvor, in front of the mais Island. Preferable on the high tide to avoid all beginner crowds.

Ria de Alvor is 10km from Lagos, between Lagos and Portimão.

Praia da Bordeira is 35km from Lagos to the west coast.

For advanced riders, because the wind changes his direction so we have different spots for either wave riding, freestyle or even freeriding.

Algarve Fun Sports
Algarve Fun Sports

Pricing for kite lessons

Our lessons includes theory, practice and IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certification.

We work with a maximum of 1 kite per instructor and two students per kite so that each student can learn the most of it, because if there would be more students per instructor, his attention would be divided. All students are provided with kitesurf gear, wetsuit, harness, lifejacket (optional) and helmet.

  • 3 hours / 1 day - group lesson 80€

    Máx of 2 Students per Instructor.

  • 7 hours / 2 days - group lessons 160€

    Máx of 2 Students per Instructor.

  • 10 hours / 3 days - group lessons 240€

    Máx of 2 Students per Instructor.

  • 15 hours / 5 days - group lessons 380€

    Máx of 2 Students per Instructor.

  • Private lessons / per hour 55€

    Always recommended for an individual focus and a faster progression.

Kite Courses

After a beach theory you will have the first kite impression, flying it and feeling his strenght will be the start of your kitesurf journey .

What does each lesson

3h / 1 day

Theory at the beach, safety systems, equipment set up, launching landing and piloting a trainer kite at the beach, piloting a bigger kite in the water and practice of the fun bodydrag.

7h / 2 days

First day course, water relaunch, self-rescue, waterstart and first riding attempts.

10h / 3 days

Second day course, learn how to ride with control and some more depending on the progression.

15h / 5 days

Third day course, riding upwind/downwind and jumping or some more depending on the progression.

You will discover the world of kitesurfing and learn the important skills to have the kite under control, Because kitesurf it's an extreme sport, but its also extremely safe!

Refund Conditions

In case of any kind of bad weather or lack of wind (very rare) we can exchange the lesson for a sup tour.

To enroll the course you need:

- At least 45kg (so you dont fly away).

- Age between 14 and 65.

- Know how to swim.

Advanced kitesurfing

If you are looking for more than just a beginner course we have experienced instructors who can take you to the next level with private lessons or even group lessons. If you are looking for wave riding, being a local school, we know the best places to bring you on a nice session!

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