Surfing has been on Portugal's history for many years, and hopefully for many years to come. We have beautiful beaches and waves waiting to be enjoyed.

Born in Lagos, with many years of experience, we have a team ready to ensure consistent levels of instruction where Algarve Fun Sports comes with the belief that the best way to learn, it's having fun, and that's what it is all about!

Surf Courses

Beginners Course

If you are dreaming about becoming a real surfer, from zero to hero, here is your chance! Our team is ready to bring you along the journey. After a beach theory where you will learn about waves, currents, tides, equipment and surfing techniques, you will be ready for a fun practical lesson! From there, just enjoy the ride!

Intermediate Course

If you are already surfing and would like to increase your skills, this is the course for you. We have instructors prepared to teach you all you need, starting from where you stoped last time and bringing you to the right place for your skills.

Pricing for surf lessons

All courses include transport from and to Lagos, boards, wetsuits and 2,5 hours of lessons with certified instructors and full time guidance!

  • 1 day 60€
  • 2 days 110€
  • 3 days 165€
  • 4 days 215€
  • 5 days 250€
  • 1 day 70€
  • 2 days 130€
  • 3 days 195€
  • 4 days 255€
  • 5 days 300€
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