Stand up paddle tips for beginners

Stand up paddle tips

Here are some Stand-up Paddle tips that will be essential for your first approach to this sport. Stand up Paddle in Portugal is a fun water sport, not only to discover rivers, seas or even lagoons but also to spend quality time with your friends or family.

It allows you to explore nature and interact with it in a memorable way and at your own pace. However, you need to beware of the changing weather and tides.

To get you adapted to this sport faster, we are going to leave you with some Stand-up paddle Tips, which will help you and in no time you will have a Stand-up Paddle Board in Portugal in your hands. On our SUP tour lakes trip, we cover this topic on every trip, to learn about the sport, feel safe and make it a smooth experience.

Our, Stand up paddle tips, are as follows:

Use safety equipment

The basic safety equipment in this sport is the life jacket. The most suitable waistcoats for this sport, are the thinner ones because they do not inhibit the movement of your body.

On our Sup tour Lagos trips, we use quality waistcoats so that your trip will be the best possible.

Take care of your posture

Stand Up Paddle works the practitioner’s centre of gravity a lot, which is great for the spine, ligaments, abdominal muscles and requires you to stay with correct posture. Line your feet up parallel, side to side, move them almost shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly.

When you go paddling, don’t lean your torso forward, just squat down a little and keep your torso vertical. Once you get the hang of it, you can go paddling with your Stand Up Paddle Board in Portugal or in any other country.

Don’t row tired

Tiredness is the main enemy of the sport. When you feel signs of tiredness, rest for a while sitting or lying on the Stand Up Paddle Board or get out of the water to regain your energy.

This is a very important point in our Stand up Paddle Tips.

Don’t dive into unknown waters

Try not to dive into unknown waters because you never know how deep the place is and the risks that this may have. Our aim is that you practise this sport safely, so you have to take into consideration all our Stand Up Paddle Tips.

Take advantage of the days with little wind

The wind can be a bit of a hindrance when practising Stand up Paddle, especially for beginners, as our body serves as a “sail” and we can be pushed by the wind in undesired directions.

Practice in calm water

Beginning in still water allows you to get used to the board and the sport more easily. It is the best way to practise the sport and get some experience.

Don’t row alone

Finally, the last of our Stand Up Paddle Tips is perhaps the best tip for beginners. Never paddle alone, always seek the company of a friend. Besides being more enjoyable, it is safer

After carefully reading all the topics covered, you are ready to make unforgettable trips with your Stand Up paddleboard in Portugal.

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