Why you should do SUP in Lagos

Sup in Lagos

The main reason to do Sup in Lagos is simple. Read this article and learn more about why this is one of the most popular places to go on holiday.

About Sup tours Lagos

Ponta da Piedade (Lagos), is simply one of the most visited sceneries in Portugal. Its natural beauty is described by many as unique. With rocks sculpted by wind and tides for thousands of years, caves and grottoes were formed creating an incredibly beautiful place.

It´s situated 3 kilometres to the south of Lagos and is particularly attractive seen from the sea. That´s why you will have to try the various SUP tours Lagos.

This trip to Ponta da Piedade, one of the Sup tours Lagos, can be done in several ways, such as by boat, kayak and SUP. We highly recommend you to do this Sup tour in Lagos, because not only does the tour last longer but also you can dive in the water during the tour.

During The Sup Lagos Trip

During the SUP Lagos (Ponta da Piedade) tour, you will see up close rock formations that are the main feature of the Portuguese coast, especially the Algarvian one.

Together with your guide, you will not only get to know the most beautiful and famous caves of this place, but also the wonderful fauna and flora that makes this place one of the most sought after by tourists and for many, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

That’s why SUP Lagos is the best possible way to explore and get to know Ponta da Piedade.

On all SUP tours Lagos

You will get as close to the impressive caves and grottos of Ponta da Piedade as possible!

When you do this Sup Ponta da Piedade trip, don’t forget to ask the company you are using this service for, or your guide, to share the photos of the trip with you.

The pictures of the landscapes and the beauty of this place are priceless and it is for this reason that almost all local SUP companies in Ponta da Piedade provide you with this additional service free of charge.

This service from Sup Ponta da Piedade is done at sunrise. So you can enjoy the first touches of light and avoid large crowds.

Besides, it is a good way to learn a new sport, to do sports during your holidays, to get to know this place in a unique way, to meet new people and to make new friendships.

We can assure you that it is a trip that will remain in your memory and that you will share this moment with the most special people.