WingFoil lessons in Lagos

WingFoil in Algarve


WingFoil in Lagos/Algarve, is a new fascination and type of surfing. It combines different types of surfing into a new water sport.

A little bit of surfing, a little bit of windsurfing and a little bit of kitesurfing and the combination is awesome.  

You ride on a SUP foil board or regular SUP board while holding a handheld inflatable sail, known as a “wing”. The sensation of foiling / hydro foiling is quite magical.

Starting wing foil in Algarve allows you to feel new sensations, to move easily and freely on any type of water with relatively simple and easy to set up equipment.

Wing Foil in Algarve

Advantages of practicing Wing Foil in Lagos( Algarve):

Longer Rides:

Not only can you launch in very low-surf or just swell conditions, but the foil and the hover wing combine to give you a much longer freeride than the one offered by traditional surfing. Get to know the Algarve coast doing Wing Foil in Algarve.

Launching is easier:

With wing foiling, you can hit the surf all on your own without needing a minimum amount of space.

The Equipment Is Minimalist:

Unlike windsurfing or kitesurfing you need a lot less wings, with one wing you can already cover a very large wind range.

All kinds of winds:

The foil makes wing foiling a lot of fun even in all wind conditions.

Is an Awesome Workout:

Will not only get you outdoors for a healthy shot of vitamin D, but it’s also amazing in terms of exercise and is easy to do even for light and small people. Join us and try Wing Foil in Algarve.

Our Wingfoil lessons in Lagos:

Wing Foil


Our WingFoil in Lagos lessons are based on current kitesurfing training concepts, specializing in wing foil.

Your safety and your learning success are our top priorities. The Wing Foil course is individually tailored to your level and your learning progress

All students are provided with wing foil gear, wetsuit, harness, lifejacket, helmet, rescue boat and individual personal accident insurance.

4-stage training concept:

After a short theory and the most necessary things you need to know about the wind and the water, you will learn how to use the wing in a short time:

  • Consist in getting on your knees on the board and getting used to having the wing in your hands (not upside-down) with the handles made for that.
  • In this lesson on wing foil in Lagos, you will learn how to load the wing, steer it, turn it and so “catch” the wind
  • You need to have accumulated enough speed with the wind. This allows you to stand up in two steps which is a lot easier.
  • In this wing foil Lagos lesson, you can refine the handling of the wing on the water and surf for the first time in light wind and smooth water.
  • We focus entirely on the foil and the wonderful feeling of “flying” over the water silently.
  • In this wing foil Lagos lesson, we focus on placing your back foot flat on the foil board, allowing you to stand upright. Good foot positioning is essential for a successful launch.
  • We put all the steps together, you will now learn to operate and control the wing on the foil board.
  • In this wing foil Lagos lesson, we advise you to keep the wing relatively above your head in a position close to lift neutrality in order not to be unbalanced by the gusts. 

Price Table

The less ratio Students-Instructor, The more attention to progress: 4-1, 2-1, 1-1

Group Lessons: 4-1

2 wings and 1 instructor for 4 students
Price/ Per Person
  • 3h / 1 day ---> 100€
  • 6h / 2 days ---> 180€
  • 9h / 3 days ---> 255€
  • 15h / 5 days ---> 400€

Semi Private Lessons: 2-1

2 wing and 1 instructor for 2 students
Price / Per Person
  • 3h / 1 day ---> 130 €
  • 6h / 2 days --->250 €
  • 9h / 3 days --->360€
  • 15h / 5 days --->550 €

Private Lessons: 1-1

Price / Per Person
  • 2h / 1 day ---> Price on request
  • 3h / 1 day ---> Price on request


Includes all the necessary gear

Price / Per Person
  • 3h / 1 day ---> 90 €
  • 6h / 2 days --->170 €
  • 9h / 3 days --->240€
  • 15h / 5 days --->350 €

Meeting Point : Estra do Vale da Lama 8600 8600, Odiáxere