Kitesurfing Lessons in Lagos,
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Kitesurfing Lessons in Lagos

Our Kitesurfing lessons in Lagos include theory, practice, IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certification, all necessary equipment and a professional / experienced instructor.

We have different types of Kitesurf lessons in Lagos being that the less ration of students per instructor you have the more attention from the instructor you will feel.

All students are provided with kitesurf gear, wetsuit, harness, lifejacket, helmet, rescue boat and individual personal accident insurance.

kitesurf in lagos
Kitesurfing Lessons in Lagos, Ria de Alvor Lagoon

What does Each Kite lesson in Lagos include:

Discover the world of kitesurfing and learn the important skills to have the kite under control, because kitesurf is an extreme sport, but it’s also extremely safe. Anyone can learn how to kitesurf in Lagos.


Theory at the beach, safety systems, equipment set up, launching landing, piloting a trainer kite at the beach, piloting a bigger kite in the water and practice of the fun body drag.


Water relaunch, self-rescue, water start and first riding attempts.


Learn how to ride with control and some more depending on the progression.


Riding upwind/downwind and jumping or some more depending on the progression.

The less ratio of students-instructor, the more attention you will have to progress: 4-1, 2-1, 1-1.

Group Lessons: 4-1

Up to 4 students per instructor on 2 kites
Price/ Per Person
  • 3h / 1 day ---> 85€
  • 6h / 2 days ---> 160€
  • 9h / 3 days ---> 230€
  • 12h / 4 days ---> 300€
  • 15h / 5 days ---> 360€

Semi Private Lessons: 2-1

2 Kites and 1 Instructor for 2 Students
Price / Per Person
  • 3h / 1 day ---> 130 €
  • 6h / 2 days --->250 €
  • 9h / 3 days --->360€
  • 12h / 4 days --->460€
  • 15h / 5 days --->550 €

Private Lessons: 1-1

Recommended for an individual focus and a faster progression
Price/ Per Person
  • (Min 2h), Per hour ---> Price on request
  • 10h / 3-4-5 days ---> Price on request

Meeting Point : Estra do Vale da Lama 8600 8600, Odiáxere